Volleyball-Hockey-Table Tennis

All Relevant Information On Volleyball, Hockey and Table Tennis

So You Can Get Out Of The Cricket’s And Football’s Imaginative World And Watch Some Real Sports Too!

People watch sports on a massive level and they take an active part in performing sports as well and there are plenty of reasons for it. They play sports as per the fact that they are a vital part of their hobbies, they also play sports for the sake of keeping their mind and body sound and healthy. There are endless reasons and you cannot judge anyone on their preferences when it comes to sports.

Also, it is debatable that sports industry is one of the most revenue generating industry all over the world. Especially, in all the countries which are developed and people are fun loving, sports sector bring million dollars of revenue along.

Knowing More About The World of Sports

Talking about the world of sports, it is quite huge that you would spend your whole life wanting to keep a track of every game and watching all of it. This is not possible and also not everyone has the same kind of tastes in sports too. People love watching sports and also playing them as they keep them fit, sound and healthy but they are more like hobbies for them as a matter of fact. However, they get stuck with the hype of cricket and football.

As a result, they drift away and forget about the other major games which are also a part of the whole sports industry. We cannot ignore the fact that these sports or games are highly responsible for the revenue of millions coming in to the reserves of the developed countries. There is a long list of going on names of sports which are being ignored by the people of the world. However, we will be discussing the ignorance on the three game names which are:

  1. Volleyball
  2. Hockey
  3. Table Tennis

1.     Everything You Should Know About Volleyball

The volleyball game is one heck of a sport and people all around the world like the game and plays it on an extensive level. The volleyball game is a success as an influencer and people from all of the global population love to play the game. The origin and native region of volleyball as a game seem to the Northern region of America and Western parts of the Europe.

The game is also famous for collecting a separate level of fan base. Yes, or course, more than about 900 million people are following the volleyball game as the fans forever. The volleyball game is thought of being invented by the William G. Morgan with the United State’s premises and the whole thing was done in the year 1895 which is late for the 19th century.

The well known sports guy, Mr. William G. Morgan was a sports instructor so he took a lot of thing from other games like basketball, baseball, handball, tennis and more so that he can either replicate or make something new. Thus, then he came up with a whole new sport which was names as volleyball later on. The game is about two opponent teams who have to throw the ball from above the net, both opponent teams have 6 people each.

2.     All the Interesting Facts AboutHockey

Talk about sports but do not talk about hockey, it is not juts possible. Being the Pakistan’s national sports game, hockey invites people to give them a thrill and adventure but influencing them in all good. There is about a fan following of more than about 2 billion people for hockey matches and as a whole the influential regions are being ignored.

The major focus of target audience for the hockey is mostly from the regions of Africa, Australia, Europe and also a lot of countries from Asia. Hockey, as a game, was first played in the field in the England and the time was long ago on 1800s. At many points, it was said that hockey and soccer seems to be similar and there are same rules as well. The only difference that a common amateur guy sees is that hockey involves a stick to play and move the wall with. However, in soccer, there were only the players kicking from their heads and legs only. The players from Australia, Pakistan and India are found mostly in the hockey teams.

3.     Important Facts on Table Tennis

Famous among the countries of China, South Korea and Sweden is another interesting game named as table tennis. With about more than 870 million people following the table tennis game, there is a great deal of public going crazy for the match to watch. The table tennis game is also named as the Ping Pong game in a lot of regions where it is being played natively.

The tennis game, if being played in the inside locations where the mini sized tennis can be played over a table, this is considered as the table tennis sports. There are continuous variations and up gradations being introduced in the game and also the modern version of the same game is expected to give the players a complex game to play.

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