Sports Which Should Not Be Missed

More Sports Which Should Not Be Missed

Let Us Help You Explore The Sports World A Bit More Than Just Cricket, Soccer And Tennis!

In the current era of sports and entertainment industry, this needs to understand that the sports world does not only comprise the cricket, tennis and association football which is also known to be as soccer. The world of sports and games has a lot more to offer for the players too and also for the viewers and spectators.

Sports That You Should Start Watching And They Should Never Be Missed

Putting an honest opinion forward, there are a lot of sports which are being played and put on air on the television and radio channels for the viewers to watch and also for the sake of entertainment.

However, the viewership for cricket, tennis and soccer goes up in season and stays more than average even if any tournament or series is not going on. But this is a fact and it needs to be accepted that other sports are some how being ignored too.

There is a large number of sports and games which have a separate class who are the constant and regular viewers for such games. However, the games need more of popularity so here we are to make you aware on what else you can watch. So, let us go ahead and start watching!

1.     Golf

Out of every game and every sport that people watch and go crazy, Golf is on top as I believe. Golf, as a game, has a separate level of class and standard and you would not believe it that it has a fan base from all over the world.

Yes, golf is followed by more thanabout 450 million individuals from all the global population. The crazy go lovers for golf are to be found majorly in the regions of North America, Western side of the Europe and the Eastern part of Asia.

The game involves a player to play by hitting the ball by making a stroke. The ball is then aimed to be thrown at the specific target within a distant spot. The game was initiated from the Scotland region in the Europe and then it got famous gradually within the whole world.

2.     Rugby

Rugby is also another famous game but it is losing its fan base and viewers gradually which is sad news for the game lovers. The game was primarily initiated to be played within the regions of United Kingdom aka England and was spread in all the commonwealth countries afterwards.

The rugby, as we mentioned, have a separate classy fan base which is more than about 475 million people from around the world.

The game has its roots been laid within the England region and from that region, it got extensively popular among the Australian and New Zealand people after the flourishing game on the colonial people who are British.

The game is played between two teams usually and both the teams comprise of 15 people each. The players have run across the ground, chase the ball and kick it so that they can pass it to the end of line.

3.     Baseball

The most common, popular and favorite game among the people of Caribbean, Japan and United States of America is the extreme sport, baseball.

The game is so popular that people from all around the world are global fans and they are in total about 500 million in estimation. The global population is crazy about the game but still the viewers in the statistical report are declining.

According to the rules of the game, there should be 2 teams playing against each other with a number of 9 players in each team. The players of the team take up balling or batting at their turns to score the runs and also to chase them.

The players on each time earn points by doing so. The baseball was recognized by the United States officially on public in the 19th century. Also, the popularity chart shows that the game has its origin from United States and it covered distances starting from the US.

4.     Basketball

Another game with a global fan base and influence to the population throughout the globe, the basketball has an estimated viewership of about 825 million people who follow the basketball game and the happenings in it.

There is a clear history of the game and it was invented long time ago in the year 1891 by the known Dr. James Naismith. This was done in the Massachusetts region from the United States.

The basketball game was known before and had a number of viewers but due to the invention of football as its substitute, the viewership has been on a diminishing chart. Ever since, the people started preferring on playing the game inside the homes to decrease the expected mishaps.

In the basketball game, there are two teams as opponents with 5 players of both sides. There is also a hoop connected to a poll so that the players can do their goals by a bit of hard work and consistency.

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