Sports Recognized All Over the World

Most Famous Sports Recognized All Over the World

Let Us Give Some Food For The Adrenaline Junkies And Sports Lovers Out There!

Why to watch the sports?

People watch sports on a massive level and they take an active part in performing sports as well and there are plenty of reasons for it. They play sports as per the fact that they are a vital part of their hobbies, they also play sports for the sake of keeping their mind and body sound and healthy. There are endless reasons and you cannot judge anyone on their preferences when it comes to sports.

Also, it is debatable that sports industry is one of the most revenue generating industry all over the world. Especially, in all the countries which are developed and people are fun loving, sports sector bring million dollars of revenue along.

Most Famous Sports All Over The World

There is a variety of sports depending upon the choice and energy requirement of the viewers. Let us discuss and see which sports are most popular among the people in the whole world where there is a plenty of it and the whole industry is quite saturated.

1.     Soccer which is also known as Association Football

Soccer is among the most popular sports games out of the world. It is also known simply as Association football and it is played and followed nationally and internationally in all the countries of the world. It comes on the top in the ranking as per the popularity of the sports with an estimated fan following for about more than half of the whole population of the world.

You would not believe it but it is estimated that there are easily more than 4 billion people who follow the association football as game and they go crazy for the game. The sport is so extreme on adrenaline that it has a global following which makes it a fact that football fans are spread in the whole world.

It is usually said in the studies and the papers that the soccer is an ancient game and it has its roots linked with the Roman Empire, Greeks and also the people from Japan are in love with the game. Some other studies show that the game was first played in the England but who knows? The game is famous all over the world but it started spreading initially from Europe and America and covered the whole of it in a very less time.

The association football is an easy to watch but damn, so hard to play sport and it invites a great deal or roaring audience when the 11 players on each side (2 opponent teams) come in the battle ground for making goals in the opposite sides.

2.     Cricket

In the list of famous games of sports is the England’s national sport which is, as we all know, Cricket. The game was first started to be played by the Britishers of the sub continent in the region where now 4 countries are located. These 4 countries are:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. India

The game is another extreme sport with a fan following from the global population estimating to an average of about 2.5 billion people from all around the world. The cricket is being followed by almost everyone, also even by those who do not play it in their countries.

However, the major center of cricket’s influence in the England region, Asian countries and some of the countries from Commonwealth too. The game was first played in the late 16th century and was made England’s national sport in the late 18th century.

Cricket is also said to have two teams where each team has at least 11 players to initiate the. The major props required to play a cricket match is a bat, a ball and a wicket as well.

3.     Tennis

After cricket, Tennis is said to be the most famous sport out there recognized by the whole world. The game also has a fan base from the global population but has a total of about more than 1 billion regular watchers and fans.

The tennis game also influences the people from everywhere to be accurate but it was recognized and played initially by the Egypt people, Romans and also by the Greeks as well.

The game has its history linked to the Europe and France is said to be the home of Tennis as it got extended to the whole Europe after it had its roots completely firm from the France.

There are two opponent sides in the tennis game where both sides can have either one or two people on each side and they pass the tennis ball as a challenge to the opponent party with a racket made of wood and net.

The ball is passed by each opponent side in such a way that it is thrown as a challenge and the parties are expected to be careful of not letting the ball out of the rectangle in which they have to play which is drawn on the ground where they are playing.

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