Most popular sport’ guys in the cricket

Most popular sport’ guys in the cricket that the world loves

Because cricket fans are of a country but the players are followed around the world!

Cricket Fever For Everyone

Sports, in this world, are the only industry where people are crazy about the game, the place and also about the people. When we talk about the sports, we know that the audience are going to be crazy and waiting for what is going to come, or what news is going to be broken down.

Is there going to be another league or a tournament, an ODI innings or the complete tour? Such concerns always keep the spectators in the line waiting for the big news updates.

With the great love for sports coming from the sports freaks, also comes the great responsibility to be able enough to meet their expectations and criteria of an ideal players.

Also, it is more of a concern when it comes to cricket as it is being watched by the people all around the world. Even America, the whole continent does not have their team or play cricket however their people and citizens watch and follow the game with their own hearts and minds as well.

Often, it has also been debated that America should start having a cricket team of their own because of certain reasons. Despite of other reasons, this one reason is more than enough that this industry is a certain win and it will always bring a great amount of revenue to the state’s treasure.

Connection between cricket and players

It is to be understood that the people watch cricket for the sake of the players that they are fond of and vice versa that they love the players because of the cricket and obviously, if it was not for the cricket, these players would never have been famous today.

The relationship between cricket and players is even more significant than the marriage between two people. These two are interconnected on another level that they complement everything about each other.

One mistake from a player can destroy the whole cricket match and similarly, one lost match can destroy the whole life and professional career of a player. The game is this strong that you can imagine now.

Most Popular Cricket Players Who Are Loved By Everyone

It is always debatable of who should be in the top popularity list of the cricket players. It will always stay undecided and a subjective approach on which player gave the best and most to the industry and cricket in his career because almost everyone played with their hearts and brains to make the most of what they are trying to do.

However, let us, on our opinion suggest a few most important players in the cricket industry who have given even more than asked or expected, who are none other but the legends of crickets:

1.     Ricky Ponting

More commonly known as the coach of the Australian cricket, who has started doing commentary and even the talks on cricket games now was once the heartthrob and extremely talented cricket player.

It would not be wrong to say that he is one of the cricket legends who has given to the industry even more than we all deserve. Ricky Thomas Ponting was a great player and an extremely legit batsman of all times within the cricket.

He has the qualities of a good batsman and also for an extremely talented leader. He has lead the Australian cricket team for more than half of his cricket career and came back home with 3 world cup wins, yes three!

I guess there should be nothing said more to justify his abilities of a leader and a batsman. He is still doing great in the other roles within the cricket industry at the age of 44 now as he was born back in the year 1974.

Another fun and talent fact about Mr. Ponting is that he has scored a total of 71 centuries in his whole cricket batting career which is the second highest number in the whole cricket history. This all makes him nothing but a legend for all the times that are yet to come.

2.     Michael Clarke

Another cricket from Australia, who is now more famous for the commentary and anchoring for television shows on cricket, is Michael Clarke.

Another captain after Ricky Ponting, Mr. Clarke has lead an exemplary career throughout his whole time in the cricket industry. He took over the captaincy charge when Mr. Ponting had to get his retirement and leave.

Also, he left no doubt why he should not have been the captain of the world’s best cricket team, Asutralia. He got married in 2012 with Kyle Clarke (now) which explains that what a kind gentleman he is when it comes to family and personal relations.

Mr. Michael Clarke was the Australian captain and he brought the fifth world cup home to the team Australia. For his batting and high scoring throughout his career, he is also well known in the list of the most talented and commendable players of his generation.

Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, Michael Clarke is being missed among the team Australia as he was the captain who stood by the standards after Ponting.

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