Football An Extreme Sport

Let us not miss the thrill ever again!


Football and Everything related to it started in 1863 in England. it was the time when rugby and affiliation football started becoming a part of the past. The Football Association in England was framed and it started to turn into the game’s first overseeing body.

In this century, all the fancy games that we all are crazy about were played on glades, grounds and streets in England. the game had drama, it had a lot of footballers kicking the ball, the game included punches to the ball with the clenched fists of the hand.

This ancient days of football were comparatively more non joyful and more brutal than the modern method for playing. The best part about such games like football and cricket is that they cause no danger to the masses because everyone enjoys it level best and in the end, someone wins. all of these are the explanations behind the love and craziness for the sport that by every individual around the world.

well, it took a long way for the football lovers until all the features of the football today were launched taken into exercise. it was a long time that there was no clear difference and people too both football and rugby as an extremely similar game.

More differences came up about the size of the rugby ball and the football too, what should be the total number of players and also the length and total time of a match.


Football is said to be the world’s number one and most thrilling ball game as per keeping numbers in mind for the participants and about the audience and spectators. The most famous thing about football is Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the tournaments by it.

after clear evaluation that at the shift and flip of the 21st century times, not even a number total of more than 260 million players and more than 1.5 billion football players were passionate for playing football. years later, around the year 2010 a number total of about 26 billion people stayed stuck behind their TV screens watched the epic premier tournament of the football.

The most epic Olympic introduction for the Football was made the authority at the London Games around the year 1908 and since then on, every summer the games were launched and played.

Moreover, FIFA developed and added a level of game, specifically in the second half of the 20th century.  then in the 100th part of the FIFA, Guinea participated into it in the year 1961.

Two of the unique and talented players were in competition which started in the year 1977 and also in 1985. this came out in portions and separate game themes about the World Youth Championship and also the Under-17 World Championship.

Also, Futsal is considered as the world’s best and biggest indoor game. It began in the time around 1989. FIFA opened again with another competition of Olympic football for the players who are non matured i.e.

less than the age of 23. The tournament game was played in 1992 and after four years of that football match competition on Women’s Olympic was held.

How to learn to play football

Football which is also known as the affiliation football and also sometimes, soccer, is a ball game in which there are a total number of 11 players are each in two teams. there use all the parts of their bodies but the hands and arms to kick the ball or to even attempt a goal.

It is just the goalkeeper who is allowed to touch the ball. Also, he may do so when it is about the penalty kicks in the penalty area. The game rules are actually very simple as it is with a lot of other games that the team that manages to make more scores and goals is going to win in the end.

Rules  to follow and Fouls to avoid

A good news for the players is that Free kicks will be granted against the fouls. Oops, it is also bad news  for the team who has made a violation or foul against the principles. When there is a free kick given, it is to be made sure that all other players of the opponent team should be at a distance of at least 9 meters from the ball.

Another thing about the extra shots which are also known as the penalty kicks. the idea of penalty kicks was presented and accepted in 1891. these are granted and given in case of fouls being  repeatedly committed during the game.

Just like the free kick, the penalty kick is also the same but in this case, the players should be at an 11 meters distance where all other players instead of the goalkeeper and also the kicker of the ball are outside the designated penalty area.

Also, an interesting way of discarding the players was presented in 1970 and selected since then that the players are liable for a number of fouls so they are given a warning with a yellow alert card and when  another warning is to be given, then a red card is shown by the referee.

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