Cricket – As A Fever



In the list of the most well-known sports in the world, Cricket comes at second with over 2.5 billion disciples. It was formulated in England and became country’s national sport in 18th century.

International matches have been played since 1844. Cricket has been developed globally in the 19th and 20th centuries. Cricket is governed by International Cricket Council (ICC) which has over hundred countries and territories in membership.

Cricket was first played in Guildford, Surrey, in England around 1550. Then over 300 years later, first international cricket match took place at St. George’s Cricket Club in New York between Canada and United States of America.

Like every other sport, cricket also has rules and regulations that one must follow. Many people play cricket for no particular reason, while others long for getting to be experts.

Purpose of the game is to score runs more than your opposing team. A cricket match is divided into innings, which are actually periods. It is decided before that if both of the teams will have one or two innings.

Various cricket matches are played all through the year in the form of tours. One national team travels to another to play a series in one or more formats.

Formats of Cricket:

  • Restricted Over format:

There are fixed number of overs for each inning. Two types of limited overs cricket currently played are; A one day (ODI) format, which has an innings of 50 overs whereas a T20 format, which has an innings of 20 overs.

  • Unrestricted Overs format:

More commonly it is known as a test match. An elongated form of cricket where each team gets to play without any restriction the two innings. In this overs format, one match can even go up on for five days.

Forms of Cricket:

  • There is a specific kind of the longest form of cricket which is called the “Test Cricket”. It is played over 5 days.
  • Another form of cricket where innings are played for a maximum of 50 overs for each team is “One Day Cricket”.
  • A fast limited over match called the “T20 Cricket” is played as 20 overs per team.
  • Cricket can be played indoor too with nets for walls. This form is known as the “Indoor Cricket”
  • There is a form of cricket which was introduced for the blind athletes, known as “Blind Cricket”. It is a modified version of cricket only the difference being that it is played with a larger ball and bells inside.
  • Cricket is also played in yards and streets. This is “Backyard Cricket”.

Cricket Setup


The cricket grounds or fields have a unique setup. Cricket is played on circular or oval shaped grounds. There is a pitch, some stumps, a bail and a wicket. Pitch is the rectangular area in the middle of the field between stumps at each end.

All the batting and balling takes place on the pitch. Stumps are the three vertical wooden pieces where the ball is thrown. Placed at the top of the stumps, is bail which is one of the two smaller sticks. Then there comes wicket, which is a set of stumps and bails.

The wicket is defended by the batsman, who attempt to keep a bowler’s ball from hitting the wicket. When the wicket isn’t hit, “runs” are scored and when it is hit by the ball, it is an “out”.


Cricket has a variety of players. There is a batsman or a batter, who hits the ball. Bowlers, who deliver or throw the ball. A Wicket-keeper who collects the balls which passes the stumps.

Striker is the player who faces the ball and a non-striker is the one who is at the other end of the pitch. Then there are fielders who save runs for the team by diving or running behind the ball to stop getting it out from the boundary and then throw the ball back to the keeper, or bowler. 

Traditional form

In this form, a match is played between two teams in an innings format with 11 players in each team. A toss is being done and whichever team captain wins the toss, decides whether to bat or ball. One team then gets to bat while the other bowls and fields. After the two teams have played their innings, the team with most runs is the winner. 

Cricket’s popularity

T20 catches the attention of most of the cricket lovers. It is the most popular format of cricket with 92% fans. ODI’s are also not behind with 88% fans. Around 77% are interested in tests, which is the longest format of the sport.

The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) goal-oriented objective for cricket to overwhelm soccer and become the world’s most prominent game looks progressively fantastic. Pushing cricket beyond its traditional boundaries is perhaps the boost needed for the sport to genuinely develop globally.


Injuries in sports are common. Injuries in cricket could be classified as Direct and Indirect injuries. Direct ones are due to impact with the ball, bat or ground.

Indirect injuries mostly happen due to repetitive movements. Fielders and batters both are at risk of injuries. Most common injury in sports is the rotator cuff injury which occur when there is usually a strain or tear of the rotator cuff.

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